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Raise the Bar Print and Design

Pub Shed Branding Kit #1 (Logo plus 2 Bar Runners, 6 Coasters, 2 Openers)

Pub Shed Branding Kit #1 (Logo plus 2 Bar Runners, 6 Coasters, 2 Openers)

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What is Your Preferred Logo Style

Ever wanted to give your Home Bar or Pub Shed that "professional" look with a proper logo that you might see in your favourite local bar?

Well now you can with the Raise The Bar Professional Home Bar Branding Kit!

What's Included?

  • A professional Logo for your Home Bar / Pub Shed (Value £29.95)
  • Two Bar Runners personalised with your new Logo (Value £35.90)
  • A set of Six Coasters with your new Logo (Value £18.95)
  • Two Bottle Openers with your Logo (Value £9.96)

Your logo will be designed to your specification - you start by choosing the base logo design from our library of 20 (shown below), and your choice for main colours and we'll then design the logo and send it to you via email for approval before final production of your items.

Following approval of your logo, the finished kit is usually despatched within 48 hour and FREE Postage is included in the price. Your logo will also be supplied to you digitally in jpg and eps format so that you can use it in the future to order product from other vendors.

What does it cost?

The cost of getting a professional logo design is normally anything from £50 upwards, but we would typically charge £29.95 as we are starting from a base design, saving some time. The Bar Runners would normally be £35.90 to order two customised one, the Coasters are £18.95 and the Bottle openers £9.96. So that would normally cost a total of £94.76 if purchased separately in our online store.

By purchasing a Branding Kit with us you make HUGE savings and the total price to you is just £69.50 - that's a massive saving of over 25% on the full retail

What are you waiting for? Order yours now.

Start by selecting your favourite logo style from the choice below, noting the number below the logo

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