Collection: Pub Shed Branding Kits

Ever wanted to give your Home Bar or Pub Shed that "professional" look with a proper logo that you might see in your favourite local bar?

Well now you can with the RTB Professional Home Bar Branding Kit!

With options to suit both the most humble of Pub Sheds, right up to the most opulent of Home Bars, we have a Branding Kit to suit all budgets.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Select your Branding Kit

As mentioned above, we want to ensure our branding kits are affordable no matter what your budget, so we offer a range of branding kits.

Our Pub Shed Branding Kit #1 provides personalined and branded items for the inside of your bar - Bar Runners, Coasters and Openers.

Pub Shed Branding Kit #2 adds to those items with the addition of a stunning acrylic sign for the outside of your bar - finished in clear acrylic and with polished metal stand-offs for the "luxury" finish.

Or just need a logo? Then select Pub Shed Branding Kit #0 - Logo Only

Step 2 - Choose your preferred Logo Style and colours

The final step is to choose your logo - if you already have your own that's fine we can work with that (and you'll get a discount!), but if not, let us design a unique logo for you based on your preferences. Starting from a base library of 20 Logo variations, we will ask you to pick your favourite, and then we will customise it based on your Pub Shed name and your choice of colours. You will have full approval of your final logo before any other work is done.

Once your logo is approved you will receive a copy of your logo in digital jpg and eps formats so that you can use it in future to order branded products from any vendor!

To Get started pick your branding kit from the selection below!