Collection: Renal Agenesis Charity

‘Renal Agenesis UK are delighted to be working with RTB Print and Design on our Christmas tree decoration. 
Here is a message from the Founder of Renal Agenesis 

Catriona and I first met 9 years ago at a bereaved parents group after losing our children during pregnancy. We had a mutual understand of what the other had gone through and its these circumstances which brings strangers together who then become friends.

We lost our babies in the same month and year, nearly being in the same hospital at the same time. 

We have both experienced the pain and devastation losing a baby brings however we have both watched as our lives have adapted and grown post loss, all the while remembering our little boys.

When the Renal Agenesis UK board started discussing the possibility of creating a Christmas tree decoration, I knew Catriona and her husband Stuart were the people to help us bring this idea together. Their high quality printing, gorgeous ceramic tree decorations and dedication made them the perfect team to create Renal Agenesis UK Christmas Tree decorations. 

We hope you like the designs as much as we do and think they would be a beautiful dedication to your baby on the Christmas tree. 

Gillian (Founder & Chair Renal Agenesis UK)’